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Bioinformatics on-line course materials and tutorials

Biological and genetics databases

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, Health Technology Assessment Database

Computational Resources

Database Searching by Sequence Similarity

Enzyme Database

Gene Ontology

Metabolic, Gene Regulatory & Signal Transduction Network Databases

Nucleotide Sequence Databases

  • NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information

Protein Databases

  • CATH: Protein Structure Classification Database at UCL


Διεύθυνση: Παπακυριαζή 22, Λάρισα 41222
Development by the Molecular Evidence - Based Medicine Unit
Τελευταία ενημέρωση: 14/05/2018
Ενημέρωση Cumagas DB: 02/10/2010
Σχεδιασμός, Προγραμματισμός και Υλοποίηση: Theodoros Mprotsis

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