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Statistical Service Center 

The Laboratory of Biomathematics runs a Statistical Service Unit to support the university staff and PhD students (in agreement with their supervisor) of the School of Medicine, University of Thessaly, regarding in planning and analysing clinical/laboratory data. 

The service is provided free of charge and without any commitments as long as the studies are carried out in our school, and given that the studies are not funded by private companies. 

The service is also provided to non affiliated to our School Biomedical recearches. 

The unit runs every Wednesday 14:00 - 18:00 at: 

The Laboratory of Biomathematics,
Papakyriazi 22,
Building "Katsigra", 1st floor
41222 Larissa,
Tel. 2410-565019.

You can submit your statistical inquiry, filling out and sending at biomath[at] the attached data form. The data form must be accompanied by the data set in excel files.