Postgraduate Programme (MSc)
«Research Methodology in Biomedicine, Biostatistics and Clinical Bioinformatics at University of Thessaly»

General Information

The Master's Program trains scientists in research methodology, applied biostatistics and bioinformatics and prepares them for careers in Academic/Research environment and Information Technology companies and in the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry as CRAs, medical science liaisons (MSL), medical advisors, IT technicians, database managers, data analysts, statistical or bioinformatic advisors.

The MSc provides theoretical and practical background for:

  • the design, conduct and analysis of Clinical Studies
  • the processing and interpretation of Biomedical (and genetic) Data
  • the management of Biomedical Data and,
  • the decision Making based on Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Key Features

  • Duration of one year (beginning in October)
  • A total of 10 modules and one dissertation lasting three months
  • Ideal for long distance workers, with a predetermined program of lectures
  • Continuous assessment based on work activities and tasks
  • Training in statistical packages (e.g. SPSS, R), computer programs (e.g. Fasta, Clustal, CATH), programming languages (e.g. Java, Python, SQL) and databases
  • No prior knowledge of statistics, computer science or biology is required

Tuition fees

The tuition fee amount to € 3,000 and can be paid in two installments of € 1,500.


Department of Biomathematics
School of Medicine
University of Thessaly


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President and Director

Elias Zintzaras