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Study Programme

To receive the Master's degree students should attend all classes, pass the exams in all mandatory courses and successfully submit their thesis. The Master's Program corresponds to 75 ECTS. Full time program.

  1st Exam ECTS
  Mandatory courses  
1. Biostatistics and Statistical Packages 6
2. Computer Programming and data bases 6
3. Epidemiological study design and analysis 6
4. Sources of Bioinformatics (Online) 6
5. Methodology of Clinical Trials (Online) 6
  Total 30
  2nd Exam ECTS
  Mandatory courses  
1. Advanced Statistical Models 6
2. Evidence-based Medicine and Decision Making (Online) 6
3. Proteomic and Genomic analysis 6
4. Special Issues in Clinical Research Methodology 6
5. Genetic and Pharmacogenetic studies 6
  Total 30
  Thesis 15
  Total ECTS 75


More details about the Master's programme curriculum can be found here.


1Άισλαϊτνερ Γεώργιοςgeoaisla[at]
2Μπάκαλος Γεώργιοςgbakalos[at]
3Μπατσίδης Απόστολοςabatsidis[at]
4Νταλαμάγκα Μαριάνναmadalamaga[at]
5Δοξάνη Χρυσούλαdoxani[at]; doxani[at]
6Γεωργακίλας Γεώργιοςgeorge.georgakilas[at]
7Χατζηχριστοδούλου Χρήστοςxhatzi[at]
8Χατζηγεωργίου Άρτεμιςartemis.hatzigeorgiou[at]; arhatzig[at]
9Κάρκος Χρήστοςckarkos[at]
10Μπρότσης Θεόδωροςtmprotsis[at]; tmprotsis[at]
11Ντζάνη Ευαγγελίαentzani[at]; entzani[at]
12Πανίδης Δημήτριοςdpan72[at]
13Ραχιώτης Γεώργιοςgrach[at]
14Santos Mauromauro.santos[at]
15Στεφανίδης Ιωάννηςstefanid[at]
16Τατσιώνη Αθηνάatatsioni[at]; atatsion[at]
17Τσιλίδης Κωνσταντίνοςktsilidis[at]
18Ζιντζαράς Ηλίαςzintza[at]; zintza[at]